Advertiser Disclosure

Version Date: July, 2019


We earn commissions from some of the services/products recommended and linked on this website.

You may notice some third party links ("explanation") on our website. (Learn more about affiliate marketing). These affiliate links take you to other websites where you may do some purchasing. For each purchase you make, we earn a commission. This commission helps us run the website smoothly and keep our services available to you. Some of the affiliate links are as follows:

  • SiliconWives (
  • SexyRealSexDolls (
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  • Silicone-Sexy-Doll (
  • Realistic-Love-Doll (
  • SexDollGenie (
  • SexySexDoll (

Why are we affiliated with them?

Since is a commercial enterprise and we treat it as a business venture with good quality services to the Users.

So we may avoid banner and paid ads which we feel is a nuisance.

Third, in our opinion, these products and links are authentic and better than others.

Does this impact services/products ratings and reviews?

Affiliate marketing does not in any way affect or impact our services. Infact, by earning through these links, we are able to provide better services.

You must make an informed decision before buying from affiliate links. Please carry out an independent research and see for yourself what product/service best suits your needs. We shall not be responsible for the purchases you make through affiliate links.

Why are we disclosing this?

We believe, in good faith and complete disclosure and transparency on the web.

Will it cost you more money?

No, it will not cost you any money. You will only have to pay if you decide to buy the product/service through affiliate links.

As an added advantage, we sometimes have negotiated and discounted deals so you may pay less through these affiliate links instead of going directly to these websites.

To get discounts you have to insert Coupon Codes before purchasing.