Last updated: July 14, 2019

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Below you will find some of the answers to the questions most commonly asked about sex dolls.

What is the best sex doll currently available?

The best sex doll on the market is always going to be the one that is most suited to your needs, and with developments in the market, you will find that she can be customized to include everything you desire.

By choosing to buy from a manufacturer that offers customization of the aspects that are important to you will help to ensure that you get the right sex doll for you.

Aspects of the best sex doll to consider:

  • It suits how you intend to use it, such as being able to stand or pose
  • Specifications of modern sex dolls, such as a body that feels like the real thing
  • Material and overrall appearance

In addition to thinking about the specifications of the best model for you, for which you can find more details on the Best Sex Dolls page.

Why would men buy a sex doll?

Why not? With a sex doll, you can get the woman of your dreams, who will always be ready for you and who never has a headache!

A good quality sex doll is a significant investment, but compare this to the years of paying for meals and gifts for dates that go nowhere. Even men in a relationship may find that they are unable to get as much sex as they want.

Similarly, men who find it difficult to approach a woman may find a sex doll to be an ideal woman to practice with as she will remain passive and will not judge. The bonus is that you will then get to have sex with her in whatever position you like.

She will not only look exactly how you want her to, but she will be ready when you are and more than willing.

Modern sex dolls will give you the experience of the body of a real woman, inside and out.

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What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll?

Progression in the development and manufacture of sex dolls has included making sure that the orifices feel as much like a real woman as possible.

This realistic sensation of penetrating a woman when having sex with a sex doll is enhanced by:

  • The quality of the material creating a feeling of soft skin and supple flesh
  • The anatomically correct skeleton making the doll easy to pose
  • The anatomically accurate vagina and anus
  • The weight of the sex doll
  • The realistic appearance of the face and body of the sex doll

All of these aspects help to make having sex with a sex doll feel like having sex with a real woman except that she doesn’t speak back when you just not choose the doll with AI.

Where can I buy a sex doll?

Sex dolls can mostly be bought online, which will give you the opportunity to peruse the websites at your convenience. You will be able to review the offerings of the various suppliers to determine which is best for you and, if desired, customize a doll to your preferences.

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Going this route will mean that will need to factor in the cost of shipping to the overall price and make sure that you can be around to accept delivery. Sex dolls will be securely packaged in a discreet manner.

Physical shops are less common, though there are some specialist shops that you can attend to choose your sex doll in person where you will – quite literally – get a feel of what you can expect from your sex doll.

Can anyone buy a sex doll?

Gaining access to an adult website or entry into an adult retail shop comes with the prerequisite of being an adult, so those who are underage will not be able to buy a sex doll.

Manufacturers are also with their right to refuse as order for a doll in certain circumstances, such as if the buyer requests a doll that looks, underage, like their partner or ex-partner (without consent) or like a celebrity.

Though the market mostly caters to those seeking a female sex doll, male versions are also available. Further, there are even some firms catering for the transgender market, which will provide, for example, a female doll that has a penis.

How long does a sex doll last?

The length of time that a sex doll will last will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The material from which it is made
  • The quality of construction
  • The amount of wear
  • The quality and quantity of maintenance

As with many things in life, the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in this case.

Accordingly, the sex doll that you think you may have bought as a great deal may just actually have been made from cheap materials or constructed poorly.

Generally, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone sex dolls that are well made and well looked after can last as long as seven years or more.

In some cases, the supplier will provide a warranty, which will give you peace of mind when deciding on which doll to purchase.

Does a sex doll need a lot of maintenance?

‘A lot’ is the operative phrase as sex dolls need some maintenance, but not such a significant amount that you will need to be doing it all the time.

The dolls will usually have removable orifices that will need to be cleaned every time they are used.

This usually requires nothing more that a flushing with warm water and mild antibacterial soap, before being thoroughly dried and treated with a suitable renewal powder. Besides this, the doll can be bathed in a bath or shower once a month, though only up to her neck to avoid submerging the head.

The skin of dolls that are made from TPE is more porous than that of silicone dolls, which must be taken into account to ensure that it is cared for properly.

Is it expensive to maintain a sex doll?

In short, not really. There are many items that you are likely to already have, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, but you will have to buy them if you don’t have them.

You will need to purchase renewal powder and a corresponding brush for use after cleaning her. Similarly, water-based lubricant will need to be bought, and some suppliers recommend using condoms with your doll to keep her clean and avoid the growth of bacteria.

Some suppliers will provide a storage kit in which you will be able to store your sex doll correctly, which may represent a further one-time investment.

How to carry and store a sex doll?

Most sex dolls have a metal skeleton, which will contribute to her weight being similar to that of a real – albeit petite – woman. She needs to be maneuvered carefully and lifted by supporting her back and legs to try and evenly distribute the weight.

Though her skeleton helps to make her poseable, you should avoid leaving her in the same pose for too long.

Regularly change your doll’s position to avoid her becoming warped or the skeleton stiffening in a particular pose. She should never be stored in direct sunlight, which can result in damage.

What type of lube should I use with my sex doll?

In all cases, it is best to use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your doll. The skin of the doll can be damaged by lubricants made from petroleum or silicone, whether it is made from TPE or silicone.

Even though a water-based lube is suitable for use with your sex doll, it is still necessary to wash it away after use.

How do adult dolls affect relationships?

This can differ from one person to another as it depends on personal circumstances.

For someone who is not in a relationship, they may find that their sex doll provides a good way to transition from being single to being in a relationship.

If you have a partner but they are not keen on sex, they may be relieved by the fact that you have a sex doll as they do not have to worry about disappointing you. Similarly, if you and your partner have different sex drives, the sex doll can be an effective solution.

If you are considering buying an adult doll and have a partner, it is prudent to discuss it with them first in order to avoid any awkwardness. It is best to have an open discussion with your partner in order to avoid causing problems.

How does a sex doll change your life?

There are several ways in which a sex doll can change your life, such as:

  • satisfying your sex drive
  • giving you confidence, such as enough to get back into the dating game if you have been single for a while
  • allowing you to try different positions that you might not want to ask a woman to try
  • giving you some company if you live alone
  • deterring burglars by giving the impression that someone is home

Is having a sex doll cheating?

Some people would argue that a sex doll is basically an elaborate masturbation aid, and few could claim that use of a masturbation aid constitutes cheating. However, if you have a sex doll made that looks like a friend of your wife, then you may find yourself drawn into an argument as to whether this represents a desire to cheat.

Consider the fact that there is no reciprocation when it comes to a sex doll as there would be if cheating with another person. Some people would consider it cheating, so it is essential to take your partner’s opinion into consideration.

Are there any uses for sex dolls besides being a sex tool?

There are several uses that a sex doll can be put to besides sex, which include:

  • making you feel as if you have some company when you are alone
  • acting like a model if you want to find out what a particular outfit looks like
  • helping you to understand what it feels like to take care of someone, which can be achieved through the process of maintaining your sex doll

Whenever you are not using the doll, it is essential that she is stored correctly to avoid her suffering any damage.

How much does a sex doll cost?

In order to get quality, you need to pay for it and a sex doll can be a significant investment. To this end, you can expect to pay from $500 - $4,000+ for a high quality TPE or silicone sex doll.

The cost of the doll will vary in accordance with a number of factors, such as:

  • the supplier
  • the material from which the doll is made
  • whether any customization is required and the extent of this

If you are working with a smaller budget, you will find that a torsos, blow-up sex doll or one made from polyurethane foam will be cheaper and no more than $400.

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Difference between a silicone and TPE sex doll?

Most high-quality sex dolls are made from either silicone or TPE, but this does not mean that they are exactly the same. The two materials have differing qualities that will determine how you should treat your doll to keep her skin soft and free from blemishes.

Silicone dolls tend to be easier to take care of as the material is more resistant to external factors. TPE sex dolls can have skin that is more porous than silicone, which can result in ink or dye being transferred to it if such an affected item is placed on the doll.

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How to clean a sex doll?

It's very easy to clean your doll, if you use right techniques.

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How to use a sex doll?

You can have sex with a sex doll in the same way that you would with a real woman. It is even advisable to use a water-based lubricant and a condom to protect your doll from tearing and from bacteria developing respectively.

However, unlike a real woman, a sex doll is unable to look after herself so it will be necessary for you to take this role to help to maintain the life of your sex doll.

What type of cleaners should I use with my sex doll?

You will only ever need to use a mild antibacterial or antimicrobial soap and water to clean your sex doll, and these soaps are widely available.

We recognize that this list is not exhaustive, so if you have any further queries, feel free to contact us via our online form.