How to Use a Sex Doll

Last updated: January 4, 2020

Whether you’ve already bought a sex doll or just thinking about it, all we care about is to let you know everything about using your sex doll properly.

The beauty of owning a sex doll is that you don’t have to worry about anything except for keeping it clean and well-maintained. It means that you can forget about annoying real-life dramas, broken hearts, hurt feelings, and uncontrolled emotions. With a sex doll, you can focus only on receiving pleasures and enjoying your sex life. 

So, what is the first thing you should do after purchasing a love doll? How can you ensure its longevity? What are the ways you can use it to turn your sex fantasies into reality? We’ve got answers to all of these questions and even more. Read on to learn about how much your life can change once a sex doll appears in it. 

Unboxing your sex doll

Before we move to the most interesting part, we want to make sure you made the right decision ordering your first love doll. We know that buying a sex doll isn’t cheap entertainment, yet we believe you’ll never regret doing it. 

Always check whether all the specifications justify the cost of the sex doll you chose. You won’t believe how many scammers will try to do everything possible to trick you into spending more money than needed. So keep that in mind. 

So, you’ve spent hours searching for trustworthy suppliers and then looking through hundreds of various types of sex dolls to choose the ONE. And finally, she’s on the way to your house. You’re nervously waiting for the package to arrive, track the order, and don’t know what to do when you first see your big booty sex doll. All worries aside, we’ve got your back. 

Now, it’s time for one of the most exciting parts - unboxing your sex doll. Even though we’re pretty sure you won’t have too many troubles with it, here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Step 1: Put the package on the floor with enough space around it
    Don’t forget that most sex dolls are as tall as humans, so prepare for the box to be heavy (P.S. Even mini love dolls weight quite a bit).
  • Step 2: Be careful when opening a box with a knife or boxcutter
    You paid a lot of money. So don’t let them go into vain due to negligence. When opening, make sure you’re not damaging the doll’s body parts.
  • Step 3: Take out the head first
    The doll’s head almost always comes wrapped separately. Carefully take it out and place it on the floor near the box.
  • Step 4: Remove other accessories
    Often, suppliers include various freebies in a package. Those can be clothes, cleaning kits, wigs, etc. Take them out, and don’t forget to make use of them.
  • Step 5: Remove the doll’s wrapper
    For safety reasons, dolls are usually wrapped in foam cover. Take scissors and slowly remove the wrapper making sure you aren’t cutting through the doll’s skin.
  • Step 6: Take the doll out of the box
    Once you unwrap your doll, put your hands around it, lift it up, and place it on the floor covered in a blanket.
  • Step 7: Assemble your new sex doll
    Now you can easily attach the doll’s head to its body and put on a wig and clothes if desired. 

Dressing up your sex doll 

For some sex doll owners, it’s one of the most critical aspects. Of course, you can skip this process and just get at it straight away. However, if you feel a bit more playful, you can try dressing up your bbw sex doll or whichever you chose.

It can be so much fun because you can make your doll look like anyone you want: sexy nurse, dirty cheerleader, shy college girl, strict businesswoman, lonely housewife, you name it. Not only can it spice up your sex imagination, but it can also bring you more pleasure. 

Just remember to follow the manufacture’s guidelines concerning the types of materials you can use to dress your doll. Even though most love dolls are made out of very durable TPE and silicone materials, their skin is still prone to minor cuts and scratches. That’s why make sure you’re using clothes that won’t damage your sex doll. 

Sometimes it’s worth spending time dressing up your doll just to rip off those clothes and make love to her. 

You can also buy different accessories for your doll to finish her look completely (e.g., different wigs.) In case you want your sex doll to smell nice, you can use perfume (just better spray it on doll’s clothes to avoid the scent seep into the doll’s skin.) For example, a lot of teen sex doll owners prefer to take a lot of care of them and make sure they’re all clean, dressed and smell like a blooming flower (and by teen we mean 18-21).

Using a sex doll 

We believe you don’t need too much guidance here, but knowing a few tips will never hurt.

Remember that sex dolls are made to bring you the same sensations as real human beings. A lot of love dolls come with three super realistic orifices of various depths that can give you unbelievable orgasms. So, if you follow some hygienic and common-sense rules, you’ll be satisfied for sure. 

Vaginal sex

One of the biggest perks of having vaginal sex with a love doll is that you can’t get her pregnant. Never. Even though it’s still recommended to use condoms when making love to your sex doll, you don’t need to be worried if you finish inside her as long as you’re cleaning it well afterward.

As we’ve already mentioned, the doll’s pleasure holes are designed to feel so realistic that you will forget you’re having sex with a love doll and not a real person. Plus, the doll’s metal skeleton allows you to put her in almost any position. It’s a great way to explore your desires. 

Anal sex 

You don’t need to fantasize about having anal sex anymore. Your sex doll will always be ready to share this experience with you. Just like the other pleasure holes, this one is going to bring you tight and intense sensations. 

Oral sex 

Most sex doll models come with a life-like mouth so that you can enjoy oral sex with your doll as much as you want. Of course, it won’t be exactly a real blow-job, but it will still feel enjoyable. The pros are that you don’t need to worry about your doll’s gag reflex and can finish inside her without asking. 


Now that you know how to enjoy sex with your love doll to the fullest, it’s up to you to experiment and enjoy your new sex adventure. However, there’s still a tiny detail you have to remember: use lubricants whenever you have sex with a love doll. 

Since sex dolls cannot produce body liquids like humans, it’s essential to use lubricants to enhance your sensations and avoid damaging a doll. Plus, always use water-based lubricants because oil- and silicone-based ones can ruin your doll’s skin and leave stains. 

Storing your love doll

One of the most important things you have to remember is that sex dolls are temperature sensitive. Even though some silicone dolls have heating systems installed and can withstand warm water better, you still have to be careful. 

  • Do not leave your love doll under the direct sunlight
  • Do not expose it to hot water 
  • Make sure it’s dry before you store it away (it prevents bacteria from spreading)
  • Use a box/coffin to keep it safe from damages and the eyes of other people
  • Do not store it in very cold conditions
  • You can store it in both laying and hanging positions

Of course, you can keep your doll in the open just laying around if that’s what you wish. However, if you want it to serve you for a long time, then try following these basic precautions. 

Cleaning your sex doll

Cleaning your sex doll might take a bit of time, but it’s totally necessary if you take care of your health and your wallet. 

Although we cover this topic very well in our sex doll cleaning guide, here are a few main tips you need to follow:

  • Always clean both removable and built-in vaginas, and other orifices if applicable to avoid getting infections.
  • Use baby oil and powder regularly to keep your doll’s skin smooth and prevent it from tearing.
  • Never submerge your doll’s head underwater because it will start molding.
  • Keep the metal parts dry to protect them from rust.
  • Use cleaning tools to help you keep your doll fresh (vaginal irrigator, anti-bacterial soap, loofah on a stick, etc.)

Other ways you can use your love doll 

Human imagination can go as far as they let it, so don’t stop yours. We have only mentioned the most conventional ways people use sex dolls. You indeed don’t have to settle only with that. You buy a love doll to bring more passion and excitement into your sex life, so don’t waste a chance to explore. 

Here are some other things you can use your love doll for:

  • As the third one in a threesome. If you and your partner want to experiment, but you are not ready to do it with a real person yet, a sex doll is your best option.
  • As a sex teacher. If you want to be more confident in bed, a sex doll can help you overcome your fears and gain more experience. 
  • As a model. If you’re a photographer, a painter, or a fashion designer, you can try creating art with the help of your love doll. 
  • As a companion. You don’t need to use your doll only for sex. You might as well just cuddle her and relieve yourself from stress. 

As you see, sex dolls can be used not only for sex. As its owner, you can use them however you want. Whether it’s strange or not, it’s still up to you to decide. So do as you please. 

Final Thoughts 

Deciding to let a sex doll into your life might not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it will definitely be the most exciting one. 

Sex dolls aren’t too cheap because most of them are custom-made and resemble real human beings a lot. However, being very life-like, sex dolls can bring you tons of new pleasures and sensations. So whichever you end up choosing, you will receive unforgettable orgasms anyway. 

Even if you decide on buying a torso or a mini sex doll instead of a full-size and most realistic one, always remember to clean it well. The rest is up to you.

The sex doll industry has gotten so big that now it can satisfy the pickiest customers. If you’re still in search of your perfect love doll, do not hesitate to check out our FAQs or leave us a comment. 

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