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The phenomenon of a sex doll has existed for already a long time. It has brought up fierce discussions, judgments, excitement, and awe at the same time.

“A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.”

by Jean Baudrillard

However, it’s time to finally let the whole world know that owning a love doll can not only spice up the sex life but also make it so much more pleasant and more relaxed.


Why should everyone buy a sex doll?

Even if you’re one of those who think they’ll never get a sex doll, you have probably wondered how it feels to have one at least once. And while you’re still hesitating, we’re ready to prove why you should definitely purchase a love doll for yourself.

Top 5 reasons why men buy sex dolls

Honestly, there are so many reasons why people choose to order a sex doll that it would have been impossible to list them all. However, we decided to share with you the five most common reasons why men buy love dolls.

#1.  Safety first, then pleasure

As much as everyone enjoys sex, it requires quite a few precautions once it comes to safety. How many times have you worried about getting STDs? If we were to guess, it has probably happened, and not once.

It doesn’t matter whether it was a one-night stand or just casual unprotected sex. The risk of getting an infection is always there. Unless you have a sex doll, then you can put all your worries aside.

With a love doll, you can have sex whenever you want and worry literally about nothing. She’ll be yours and only yours. You can always be sure you’re her only partner, so safe sex is guaranteed.

#2. No drama, no strings attached

“So what are we now? I thought you have serious intentions. How could you act like that? Now, I see that you wanted only sex and nothing more. Never want to see you again…” Ahh, we’ve all been through this. It’s super annoying, isn’t it?

At some points in our life, all we want is just to have fun and not build a relationship with every sex partner, right? And there’s nothing terrible about it. However, the reality is that sometimes it’s not easy to do that.

If you had a sex doll, it’d solve this problem at once. You can have as much sex with her as you want, and she won’t be blowing your mind with numerous questions. Plus, she’ll always be listening to you attentively. Wouldn’t that make your life so much simpler?

#3. Great variety - as many people as many tastes

Everyone has their type. Someone likes brunettes, someone - blondes. Fit body, big ass, nice boobs, you name it. However, when it comes to encounters in real life, your type might not be willing to set on a sex adventure with you straight away.

So why spend your precious time and energy to just hook up once with someone who looks good? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Check out how many different sex dolls are available on the market, and you’ll be shocked.

Not only can you choose the exact type of a girl you like, but also customize it and make it just perfect for yourself. So, no running after someone, no begging. Choose your beauty and have her by your side all day all night.

#4. No stress - just relax and take it easy

Humans are complicated creatures. Thus, sometimes, building relationships is tiring and stressful. You should watch after every word you say, every action, every step. Don’t you want to just relax for once?

Buying a sex doll can be one of the best decisions in your life. Imagine coming back home after a hard day at work and having someone who’s always up for sex waiting for you. Nice, right?

No boring conversations, no future planning, just sex, and satisfaction. What else can a man dream of?

#5 No pregnancy - aka I won’t be your daddy

We guess you already know why it’s a legit reason to get a sex doll. Even with a vast amount of contraceptives on the market, there’s no 100% guarantee you won't get someone pregnant. The only thing that can guarantee it is not having sex at all. But you’re probably not up for it.

Thanks to sex dolls, now it’s more than possible to have unprotected sex and have zero worries about unwanted pregnancy or contracting a deadly disease. Isn’t it everything we’ve ever wanted?

Other reasons why men buy love dolls:

  • No cheating
    After a lot of years in a relationship with one person, sex might become a bit boring. That’s why men sometimes start looking around for something new and exciting. However, with a sex doll, there’s no need to be worried about ruining your current relationship. Nowadays, many couples get love dolls for themselves to spice up their sex life and avoid cheating accidents.
  • Practice
    As they say, practice is the mother of perfection. When it comes to sex, there’s always some room for improvement. Want to impress your real sex partner? Just try it all out with a love doll. She’s flexible and always willing to experiment. So, maybe it’s time to check all those positions in Kamasutra?
  • No disappointment
    Let’s face it. Dating life can often be pretty disappointing. You take her to a nice restaurant, get her flowers and tasty dinner… And in return, hear something like “You’re such a great friend.” Tired of spending time and money and getting nothing at all in return? With a sex doll, you’ll always have a good return on your investment, that’s for sure.

How expensive is it to buy a sex doll?

It’s true that it’s not cheap to buy a sex doll if you just look at the price you have to pay in the beginning. However, in the long run, it can save you up a lot of money.

When it comes to choosing a sex doll, there are many factors to consider. Everything depends on your tastes. There are different material options, sizes, and other customization aspects that affect the price.

Luckily for you, we made a thorough research in our latest post, “How much does a sex doll cost?” All you have to do is just read it and make your choice! Plus, a lot of suppliers let you pay in several installments. Isn’t it awesome?

Where to find the best sex dolls?

The amount of sex dolls out there is just overwhelming. Of course, it’s not hard to order one, but you need to make sure you pay money for quality, not just for the brand. We’ve observed Top sex doll suppliers in the world and created a list of top love dolls so that you don’t have to spend your time on that..

Now, take a few minutes, apply your criteria, and get the doll you’ve always wanted from some of the best manufacturers. Believe us; you won’t regret it.

So how common are sex dolls?

Unlike many years ago, the sex doll industry has developed a lot and isn’t considered a taboo anymore. Love dolls are becoming more and more popular every day.

Our life can be too stressful sometimes, and that’s why we deserve to have good sex stress relief. It doesn’t matter what your reason to buy a love doll is. What matters is you feeling pleased and satisfied.

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